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Our events and happenings

We have a lot going on. We share our expertise in various ways and arrange webinars, seminars, meetings and conferences on a regular basis. Read below about what we have going on right now. We’ll see you.


We arrange webinars on a continuous basis, with various content and focus. We show news, provide new insight, inspire and discuss solutions to complex challenges. See below what is planned for your region right now.

Upcoming webinars hosted from:
Denmark        Norway        Sweden


We arrange continuous seminars around the country, where we present various subjects. Her you will meet others in the same industry and hear different thoughts about challenges and opportunities in the future. See our upcoming activities in your region below.

Upcoming seminars hosted in:
Denmark        Norway        Sweden

Get in touch

Regardless of your industry or professional interest, we would like to hear from you if you have wishes for future events or feedback for events held.

This way we can share our knowledge so you gain the most of it. Please find our contact information in below.


Árni Guðmundur Guðmundsson

Sales Manager (Sölustjóri)

Iceland (We speak Icelandic, Danish and English)

+354 6998202