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High-class support for all of our products

We supply quick support of high quality on all software we provide. Our support team consists of specialists who are certified in the software they support, and answer your questions quickly. 

By using NTI’s support you will quickly be in contact with a specialist that has knowledge of both the industry and the software used.

Support/Hotline Tel: + 45 70 20 42 14

E-mail (hotline): hotline@nti.dk

You do not have a support agreement? Contact us and learn more:

Email (General): nti@nti.dk
NTI (main number): +45 70 10 14 00

Our opening hours are:

  • 8.30-16.30 from Monday to Thursday
  • 8.30-16.00 Friday

Download web clients for remote support

In many cases, it will be easier for our supporters to help you if they can see your screen. When you speak with our support, you may want to be prompted to download one of the following web-based clients. They will disappear again as soon as the support call ends.

Support Case

Provide the name, business and which software the case relates to, regardless of whether you are calling in your question or inquiring via email. Then we will immediately know which specialist should take care of your case, and you will get help as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your inquiry. We will get back to you as soon as possible

FAQ (in Danish)

Vi skelner mellem hjælp til brugen af programmer (Hotline) og hjælp til det tekniske setup (Teknisk Service). Hjælp til programmerne er dækket af vores Hotline aftale, hvis du har en sådan. Teknisk Service bliver altid afregnet efter tidsforbrug.

Du er altid velkommen til at kontakte vores Hotline – også selvom du ikke har en supportaftale, i så tilfælde fakturerer vi dig for den tid vi har brugt på at hjælpe dig.

Vores kodeafdeling, der håndterer Autodesk Licenskoder, kan træffes på koder@nti.dk

Vi kan hjælpe med aktivering af Autodesk licenser og generering af licensfiler.

Autodesk standalone (SLM) licens
Hvis du ikke kan aktivere din Autodesk standalone (SLM) licens selv, kan du sende os en mail med følgende information:

  • Produkt navn + version
  • Serienummer
  • Product Key
  • Request Code
  • Eventuelt grund til genaktivering hvis licensen har været aktiveret før.

Hvorefter vi returnerer en kode.

Autodesk netværks (NLM) licenser
Hvis du skal have generet en ny licens fil til netværks (NLM) licenser pga. nykøb, tilkøb eller ændring af produktsammensætningen, fremsendes en mail med følgende information:

  • Server navn
  • MAC adresse
  • Serienummer og navn/version på alle de licenser der skal indgå

Hvis der er tale om en ændring i en nuværende licens fil kan denne med fordel fremsendes sammen med information om hvilke ændringer der forventes.

Herefter returnerer vi en kode.

Autodesk Account er tidligere kendt som Autodesk Subscription Center

Med en gyldig Autodesk Account kan du blandt andet hente de nyeste opgraderinger. Du kan også anmode om fleksible licensbetingelser og få teknisk support fra Autodesk.

Download vejledninger som PDF-filer nedenfor:


We know how important optimal time and resource usage is to our customers. Our team of supporters hence ensures that you get answers quickly and efficiently so that you do not lose precious time.



Solutions for support and assistance from NTI

Certified experts

NTI has developed unique product-, project- and design skills that we make available to our customers through our support. How important are the software solutions for you and your business? We believe that they are business critical. A non-functioning software gives you a less productive working day.

More information on our support and assistance

Guaranteed response time

At NTI we do our utmost to help all our customers with a hotline agreement regardless of the problem. For those who need help to use the software, it is a good idea to get a hotline agreement, which provides you with access to our consultants. Then you are ready to solve the daily challenges when using the software.

More on our hotline agreements

The flexible solution for advice and support

If your need for support goes beyond the use of software functionality, it is a good solution to supplement with a voucher. The voucher can be applied for any kind of support you need with respect to our solutions and services. You determine how large the voucher should be, and whether you want it renewed automatically or on request. This can be changed according to needs and adjusted along the way.

More on vouchers